What is a Clairaudient?

What is clairaudient?What is clairaudient?
Clairaudience is the capability of receiving an intuitive vocal message from the world of spirits or a higher being. Clairaudient people can extend their hearing to transcend the everyday physical world and the known level of awareness, in order to reach the world beyond. Clairaudients are highly intuitive people who are able to listen to a voice other than their own when the spirit world transmits a message to them.

The message might include particular words, names or phrases, unintelligible sounds or music. The voice sometimes sounds extremely different from the voices we normally hear. It may sound as if it’s being spoken right next to you, inside your head, or echoing as if from another dimension. It also might sound like one of your loved ones who has passed away. The voice may make itself heard at times of a crisis, an emergency, a crossroads, or at another significant time. Clairaudient dreams are also a known phenomenon, where a person may hear the voice of a spirit during sleep.

What is a Clairaudient?

“A Very Clear Voice Giving Me Advice”

“Since I was a little girl, I remember hearing a very clear voice giving me advice,” says Olivia, a Psychic Reader. “The voice appeared in various strategic moments. One time I was riding my bike in the woods, and suddenly I heard a voice that said ‘Go back home!’ I was really startled. There was no apparent reason for the warning. I hesitated, and then heard the voice again. There wasn’t really any way to ignore it. I turned back and cycled home. Later, I heard there was a fire deeper in the woods where I was headed. I froze still when I heard about it, and at that moment, I realized that the voice was the real thing, not something I had just imagined. After that, I took care to listen to it and was happy whenever it chose to make itself heard.”

Is Clairaudience an Innate Gift?

Yes, some people are born to clairaudience. The voice just appears one day, and they may accept it, get used to it, and decide to acknowledge it - or decide to deny it. However, clairaudience can also be an acquired skill.

As with other abilities, like playing an instrument, practice makes perfect. You can decide to hone this skill. A similar example would be getting to know a partner in a relationship. At first, you have no idea what his/her different behaviors mean. Little by little, you start to recognize little signs and symbols, which have a special meaning that’s true only for that person. It’s like a secret language that only you know. For instance, when your partner puts his head on your lap and falls asleep, you know that this reflects his trust and comfort level in the relationship. Or when your partner looks at you in a certain way, only you know she’s mad. In the same way, when you start listening to your internal voice, you start to understand it and tap into its clairaudient meaning.

7 Signs You’re Clairaudient

“I believe most people have access to clairaudient abilities within them,” says Peter, a psychoanalyst. “However, most of them are too closed and inhibited to listen to the voices, so they simply shut them out.”

Many people have this clairaudient ability without actually realizing it. Messages may come to you in the form of sounds, clear words or music which could provide some insights or a warning. Sometimes it could be messages from loved ones on the other side.

7 signs you may have clairaudience abilities include:
  1. You talk to yourself - This could be having conversations in your head with an inner voice. Without realizing it, you could be receiving guidance.
  2. Ringing in your ears - While this could signify a medical condition, when there is no explanation, it could mean a warning from your spirit guide.
  3. You hear someone call out to you when no one around you did - This could be you hearing voices from another dimension. The words may not always be clear, but they could become clearer during a reading.
  4. You give advice to others - When people keep turning to you for the excellent advice that you give which helps them feel understood, you may be channeling the wisdom of higher beings.
  5. Inspiration comes naturally to you - When doing mundane tasks and inspiration hits, the quiet is the perfect time for spirits to communicate with you and provide helpful advice.
  6. You hear messages which seem to be just for you - This could be through the radio or any spoken words. Your focused hearing may be picking up on messages your spirit guides are communicating with you.
  7. You had an imaginary friend as a child - Children often have stronger spiritual connections than adults. Imaginary friends could be spirits communicating with you rather than something your mind conjured up.

Accepting Clairaudience

Clairaudience is a gift, although some people fear it as if it were a curse. It can be scary to hear a voice in the middle of the night, or when you’re alone somewhere, when you least expect it. People who are clairaudient sometimes believe they’re going off the deep end or having a psychotic episode. However, there is a substantial difference between psychotic episodes and psychic episodes. Psychotic episodes involve leaving behind reality and moving into another level of awareness. Psychic experiences, on the other hand, mean an addition of an element to augment the existing reality, while still functioning in the normal reality. The psychic experience is a focused event that occurs from time to time and positively guides you in a particular direction. Once you learn to accept it, you will recognize its value and may even look forward to the next experience.

According to research, psychic abilities tend to be associated with creative people, with a more flowing course of thought and less inhibitions. Psychic people tend to have the capability to accept the flow of information, do not fear it and therefore do not shut it out.

Clairaudient Exercises

To develop your clairvoyant skills you can work on the following 3 simple tasks:

Listen for New Sounds

Pick a time when you’re alone in your home. Turn off the TV, the radio, and any music that might be playing. Open the window and sit quietly, listening to the sounds around you. Try to isolate each sound and focus on it for a few moments. Do you hear cars? The sound of the wind? Leaves rustling? Dogs or cats? People talking? Any construction in the distance? Any sounds inside your house? Opening up your senses will help you access new channels.

What is clairaudient?What is clairaudient?

Learn to Ask Questions

Think of a question that’s significant at this point in your life. Sit down, breathe in and out for a few moments and relax. Think about the question, focus on it, and visualize the people or places that are relevant to the question.

“Many years ago, when I just started getting acquainted with my clairaudience, I used to practice in order to improve my sensitivity to voices which are normally hidden from our awareness,” said Juanita, a Tarot reader. “I used to meditate on all kinds of things that were going on in my life. One time it was my job, which I wanted to leave; another time, it was a relationship I wasn’t sure about. I envisioned the office I worked in, the people around me, my computer. After a long time, I started to hear the voice. It was a bit slurred at the beginning and become clearer with time.”

Connect with Your Intuition

We all have our intuition; but some of us ignore it, while others respect and acknowledge it. “I generally act according to my rationale and things I can actually see,” says Greg, a builder, “I don’t allow passing moods to control my actions.” Obviously, this is not someone who taps into his intuition.

In your everyday life, try listening to your inner voice. When you’re deliberating whether to send a CV to apply for a new position and hear a voice saying “Go for it,” then listen to the voice and see where it leads.


Mediation allows you to quiet your mind and really focus on the sounds around you. This focused attention could help you really tap into your clairaudient abilities. There are many different ways to meditate such as guided meditations or sitting quietly and focusing on your breathing, so you should find a way that works best for you.

Reaching Out to a Clairaudient

There are special people who have highly developed clairaudient abilities, and use the insights they receive to help other people achieve clarity in their life. You can find these people on Kasamba.com. They use their connection with the spirit world to get important insights and messages about different aspects of your life and points you should be aware of, and perhaps new courses of action and new outlooks. You could even ask them about their clairaudient abilities and perhaps learn from their experience.
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