Choosing the Best for Your Needs - Email or Live Chat Reading?

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Real Psychics Online / 20+ Years of Experience / 3 FREE Minutes

Many people interested in getting an online psychic reading often wonder if it’s better to go for an e-mail reading or a live chat option. Each has its own advantages and perks, and ultimately your making the right choice will depend on your knowing what you need at the moment. To make it easier for you to make this decision, here are some points to consider.

Feeling in the spotlight.

Some people choose email readings only because they feel exposed when talking to a psychic live, assuming that the psychic can see through them including all the things they have ever done. While it’s true that most psychics get feelings and visions about their clients, they can’t know “everything.” So there’s really no reason to avoid a live interaction with the psychic. Your psychic is there ONLY to help you; not to judge you.

Look within and see if this may one of your subconscious reasons for picking psychic email readings over chat.

To avoid cold readings.

Many people choose email readings because in email readings the psychic can’t ask leading questions or deliver a cold reading. This may sound like a good preventative measure, but the psychic can always deliver you a “script” – the same text that’s general enough that they send it to all clients.

To avoid scam, whether via email reading or live chat, simply pick a well-known website such as Kasamba. The way with which the psychic delivers her services is not relevant in making sure they are not a fake.

Illusion of more time.

In email readings the psychic may have more time on their hands to be able to tune in to you and read your situation. But it also means you wait longer to get your reading.

A good psychic doesn’t need hours to find a clairvoyant/spiritual connection. Whether their technique is tarot cards, astrology or numerology, they just need a few minutes to access the psychic information.

Question of intensity.

Many believe that email psychic readings are less intense, as in, more handleable. The number of questions one can ask is limited, therefore the number of answers one gets, too. Because some clients are apprehensive about the answers they will receive, they pick email readings over chat.

Check if you, too, have this hesitancy. Remember, fear doesn’t get you through an open door – your psychic is there to show you your situation in all its loveliness, complexity or disarray.

email psychic readings email psychic readings

Don’t be afraid to ask all your questions –
there’s no need to put limits on your experiences.

Availability of mediumship.

Most psychic readers can’t provide mediumship services through email readings. The connection to the beyond needs to be live and personal, as the interaction is unpredictable, and may require immediate reactions from the psychic and the client.

If you’re looking to connect with loved ones who passed away, you may want to choose getting a live chat reading.

For a completely personal email reading

Some sites offer free psychic readings by email. But many of these sites simply send you an automatic script response – perhaps based on your sun sign, or life path number.

You are much more than your sun sign – in astrology, your moon sign and ascendant matter as much as your sun sign, along with the placement of each planet in your birth chart. In other psychic methodologies too, you can’t be reduced to a simple number or value. Whatever your situation or question, it requires a personalized approach.

You can always try asking one free psychic question by email and see how the psychic responds. A professional psychic wouldn’t give you all the answers, but they can tell you about their methodologies or availability.

Ready to ask your question?

It’s okay to give your reader some information. Instead of just asking, “What does my boyfriend think of me?” try instead to send a message like this: “My boyfriend and I have been together for six months. Lately I feel like he’s being distant. Can you help me understand what’s going on?”

In the latter message, you are giving your reader a chance to let you know if they can help you. Perhaps they use numerology, so they will ask you for specific numbers. Or, they connect with the Spirit, but for that they need your name and birth date.

email psychic readings email psychic readings

Interaction can be powerful

While it may be a nice idea to get a free psychic email reading, we believe that you can get the most personalized and direct answers to your questions via live chat. Because interaction is key to the success of psychic readings, live chat may serve your needs better if you are confused, have many questions, or simply want to talk to a human being.

On Kasamba, your live chat transcripts are saved, serving as text for you to refer to later.

How to get email readings on Kasamba

Click on your favorite or preferred psychic’s profile. Check on the left hand side menu if your reader offers email readings. They may be offering a free psychic email question or they may list price ranges. Some allow you to message them to ask reading related questions – about their methodologies or availability.

To get an email reading, fill out the Email Reading form where you enter your subject, message, deadline and suggested price. Hit send and you’re done. Kasamba notifies you when you get a response from your reader.

Don’t forget to review and rate your reader afterwards! Your honest opinion will benefit the larger Kasamba community greatly.

Free 3 Minutes to Get to Know Your Psychic

A special Kasamba feature – you get free 3 minutes every time you contact a new reader. It’s available for live chat readings, when both you and the psychic are online.

In our experience, clients LOVE this opportunity. Three minutes may sound short, but you’ll see it’s actually more than enough to get to know your psychic and their reading style. Give it a try today – if you like your psychic, make sure to mark them as your favorite, and you can easily contact them for chat or an email reading later.

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