How Psychic Predictions Can Help Create the Future You Want

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psychic predictionpsychic prediction
If you have ever gotten psychic readings, you may have wondered, how psychics predict future outcomes, and why some come true, while others don’t. Why isn’t there only one outcome, anyway?

Here’s the simple truth:

future is not set in stone. It exists as multiple possibilities, and some of these possibilities are more likely to come to pass than others.

Let’s assume that at present moment, there is one possibility you want the most (let’s call it possibility A), and another you strongly do not want (possibility B), and a third you’re not so sure about (possibility C), and other possibilities you’re not even aware of (possibilities D and E).

When you get a psychic reading, your psychic tells you which possibility is the most likely to happen, based on what she sees in your NOW.

She may tell you about possibility D, a possibility you didn’t even know existed, and once she tells you about it, you find that you have strong feelings about it. And you may decide you really want it, work towards it and get it. Or, quite the contrary:

It may make you realize what you want in your heart of hearts and focus on possibility A intensely.

But your psychic may also tell you possibility B is the most likely one to happen, only because you have such strong negative feelings about it.

Why? Because dwelling on something you don’t want doesn’t help. You may be inviting that event into your life, only because you’re obsessing about it. So, your psychic may suggest switching focus:

Put your attention and energies on the possibilities you want; not on the ones you don’t want. And just like that, you take the responsibility to create a better future, and focus on A.

Psychic predictions are like binoculars:

They are there to check that you’re going in the direction you want. While you’re still on the path toward a destination, you have the power to stay course, make slight changes to direction, or completely turn around.

And like binoculars, psychic predictions don’t get the panoramic view. They just get a snapshot of what’s lying straight ahead, from where you’re standing, right now, right this moment. If you change your way, you change your destination.

The future is flexible. To get the results you want, and to create the life you want, you need to regularly ask: “Am I in the right direction?”

psychic predictions futurepsychic predictions future

So, for a future you want, here is what to keep in mind:

  • 1. Use the power of your emotions. You must be feeling positive, eager and excited about what you want. It should inspire you to act! If you’re feeling strong negative emotions about a future event, you may be inviting it, only because you’re consumed by it. Use the power of positive emotion to get you where you want to be.

  • 2. Check with a psychic. After an initial reading, you have taken steps, done some new things, and now you want to confirm you’re continuing on the right path. Check with your preferred psychic, or pick a new one and get a fresh perspective. This is a wonderful opportunity to make sure you’re progressing toward your goal like you want.

  • 3. Exercise your free will. It’s okay to change your mind as you move forward on your path. At any time you can decide to have a new destination, or a new goal, and to begin to work for it. At any moment, your life is yours to direct; psychics are there only to help you see where you’re headed in your NOW.

You hold your future in your own hands

Your feelings, your decisions, and the psychic wisdom you get are your tools to create the life you want, in every moment. Use them to your advantage and enjoy life like it’s meant to be.

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