How to Be Spiritually Healthy and Vibrant

Life, in its spiritual sense, is about entering into the unknown. It’s about venturing into new territory in different life areas, or within the same life area, in the form of evolving relationships and fresh experiences. Every day, as events continue to unfold moment-to-moment, we discover our depths, and come face to face with our very own emotions, yearnings, and struggles – life is the most enriching journey for the human soul.

We are profound beings, and life around us is much bigger than what we see or are living now. In this wonderfully complex and mystical world, our task is to work to maintain our spiritual well being while seeking spiritual growth.

To help you to understand spiritual well being thoroughly and to simplify the process leading to it, here is a short Q&A, followed by a list of four steps you can take.

What is the meaning of spiritual well being?

Spiritual well being means to be present in the here and now, and this means engaging with the people outside of us and at the same time being mindful of all that is happening within us. This is much easier said than done – such multi-dimensional awareness has to be learned and practiced, and can take a while to master, just like sports or art technique. With the easy steps we provide below, you too can begin to go deeper within and without.

But why aren’t we already spiritually aware? Simple. Our tendency as a society is to run away from “negative” emotions or experiences, and to do anything we can do create “positive” ones. One thing most of us hasn’t truly realized is the fact that just like positive emotions, negative ones come and go. Just because we’re angry right now doesn’t mean we are “an angry person” in general. Just because we’re sad today, doesn’t mean we’re leading a sad life. Imagine organizing a dinner party for your emotions – spiritual well being would mean giving all your emotions a seat and a plate, with equal access to all the food and drinks.

So, what does it mean to “have” spiritual health?

We are multi-faceted beings. To have continuous spiritual health requires cultivating a state of mind that is engaged with the moment and with the many layers of your self, and supports a willingness to fully experience what’s happening rather than avoid it. To have spiritual health doesn’t mean not feeling sad, unhappy, angry or jealous. Instead, it means realizing that what you feel is real and valuable, and that it could be showing you the way to a more fulfilling life.

To have spiritual health means to have feelings. All of them. To understand that life harbors both creative and destructive forces. Such an understanding leads to appreciation, which opens the door to psychic and spiritual realms. As many practicing psychics can tell you, deep psychic and spiritual insights are likely to come to you when you’re accepting of life, in all its positivity and negativity. When you realize the power inherent in your soul to embrace all that life has to offer, life becomes easier.

Why spiritual wellness is important

Spiritual wellness underlies every other wellness – physical, mental, relational, social, professional, and financial. It’s like the roots of a tree, or the foundation of a building. It can’t be ignored, as it can profoundly affect each and every one of your life areas.

Spiritual wellness can also mean an improved ability to open up to help from psychic and spiritual sources. It can mean thinking better, receiving more, and creating more love and abundance. All these aspects improve the life areas where you need help.

What does it mean to be a spiritual person?

To be a spiritual person means taking the time to invest in your spiritual side, and practicing what you believe in. It means applying the teachings – kindness, care for the self, concern for others, respecting boundaries, accepting of your emotions, into your life. It means turning what you’re reading here into daily practice.

How can you improve your spiritual wellness – in 4 steps

1. Acceptance
How to Be Spiritually Healthy with AcceptanceHow to Be Spiritually Healthy with Acceptance

Life is handing you lemons? You might want to slow down and take the time to go deeper into your self and your past. What had you attract such lemons? Try to come from a compassionate place – this isn’t about putting blame on you or making you feel guilty.

For example, if you feel like you’re dating the same guy over and over again, or repeating the same pattern with your bosses at work, it might be a good idea to explore why. Don’t fight the situation – try to accept where you are, realizing that it can change. Keep your focus on the here and now, and try to tolerate the negativity while you work on understanding your emotional and spiritual needs.

2. Slowing down
How to Be Spiritually Healthy Slowing downHow to Be Spiritually Healthy Slowing down

Especially if you live in a big city or have too much on your plate. Remember, slow is the fastest way to deep! If you want to get in touch with the depths of your soul, make time and space for it. This could mean not doing anything for a couple of hours every few days, or every day if you have the time. It could mean meditating, exploring psychic or spiritual pursuits, or maybe even painting.

Your soul needs care just like your body does. Even if you don’t have the time, make sure to find ways to nurture yourself during the day – take a five minutes break at work, go out and sit under a tree. Listen to new age, relaxation or classical music while you drive or cook. Add nutritious elements to the meals you eat – what matters isn’t the vitamins, but the knowledge that you are there for yourself, that you care about your well being. As you slow down more and make other small changes, you’ll further develop trust in your ability to show up for yourself – an irreplaceable ingredient in any spiritual well being recipe.

3. Finding balance
Finding balanceFinding balance

This one might be just a bit tricky. Balance, in the spiritual sense, means having the ability to receptively go with the flow as well as having the ability to actively change the course of events. It’s about finding an equilibrium between the two, passive and active, surrendering and taking action, while feeling optimism and a sense of trust in the universe. It’s about being in touch with both your inner feminine and masculine energies, and embracing both with passion.

It’s like having our two hands – right and left. The most optimum situation is when we use both. Ask yourself, do you feel in balance? Do you know when to take a step back and wait, and when to go forward and act? If it’s difficult to self-reflect in this area, you can ask your family or friends what they think. They might be seeing you more clearly than you may, which brings us to our last piece of advice – getting help.

4. Getting help
Getting helpGetting help

Asking for help is power. If you tend to do everything on your own, remember, self-reliance can be self-limiting. There might be better options out there, and other people can hold us new mirrors to look at so we can get to know ourselves better. Even “the best” or the most spiritually developed amongst us, needs help or advice from time to time. It’s part of being human.

Many issues can be resolved easily when we get help. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, call a good, supportive friend, whom you trust. If you need to talk to someone and get psychic or deep spiritual advice, you can always talk to one of our live advisors. They are experienced in working with people from all walks of life and can help you with any life area, including your spiritual well being.

Towards a healthy future

Outer change tends to follow inner change. Set an intention today to “show up for yourself” at all times, meaning being present even when things are difficult. Work on tolerating negativity – not to suffer needlessly, but to understand the situation better, so you can be empowered to change it for good. All bad situations and negative feelings can be your friend, if you give them an opportunity.

To create a spiritually healthy future for yourself, be open to help and support – they are just different forms of love. Talk to good friends, trusted family members, and professional advisors. And lastly, a small practical advice – bookmark this page if you found the advice useful!

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