Psychic Prediction for 2020Psychic Prediction for 2020

World Predictions for 2020

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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
2020 is shaping up to become the year of balance. It is represented numerically by the number 4. The number 4 is foundational; there is a strength and stability to be found in it that you will not find in any other number. This is going to be a year of renewal for some and growth for others. Where some might be experiencing sudden changes that are hair raising, others are going to begin to catch their stride. No matter where you are in your life, know that the coming year will be one where your efforts are finally rewarded. Where the seeds that you have planted over the past ten years are going to begin to bear fruit. Whatever efforts that you have put into the past are going to manifest this year. This will be the year of harvest.

The year of transformational growth

Whether you are a school teacher or scientist. Banker or baker. You have been affected by polarizing ideals, politics, and beliefs. This has caused some to reinforce notions that serve to create more significant divisions within friends and family circles. For many, the battle lines have been drawn, and for others, personal values have come to the forefront.

Believe it or not, these are all positive steps that are being taken towards harmony and peace. Where some might set off the alarm bells, I see reasons for optimism. Families argue and fight. Couples experience heart-wrenching spats. What follows is peace, understanding, and a greater sense of love than was there before the fighting even began. This year will be the year of renewal, happiness, and peace for many couples.

2020 Psychic predictions2020 Psychic predictions

Prodigal sons and daughters

Long lost loves are returning. Families that were once torn apart by trauma, abuse, and strife are going to find their way back to one another. Brothers will make peace, and fathers will accept their son's yearning to be loved by another man. This will be the year where our patience will finally be rewarded. Where war will make way for peace. Where love will shine in the hearts of strangers towards us. Where differences will no longer be the focal point of conversations but the detail that is cast aside for the sake of cultivating a better connection. In every negative, there is an equal positive. The past years have culminated in an overabundance of input, stress, and strain on us all. We are nearing a point, if not already there, where our choices will positively affect our interactions with one another. Choosing love over hate. Choosing tolerance over bias.

Where there is hope, there is life

After decades of self-help books, breakthroughs, and discoveries of the human mind and condition,we are finally putting into practice some of the lessons we have been learning. That our thoughts affect outcomes. That our emotions have the power to create or destroy. There are thousands of examples of people who shouldn’t have made it become ultra-successful. There are hundreds of stories of people overcoming their limitations to do things that people never thought possible. Wim Hof has ascended Mount Everest in nothing but shorts and boots. He’s been teaching others to accomplish similar feats of superhuman achievement for years through a simple breathing technique called the Wim Hof method. David Goggins is equally accomplished. At one point he weighed in at over 300 pounds and was working as a pest control expert. Through sheer will, determination, and belief in himself, Goggins became a US Marine and overcame every obstacle in his life. He now holds the world record in pull-ups, running 205 miles (nonstop) in 39 hours and is one of the most motivationally inspiring people on the planet. One of his best sayings is, “Don’t say – “What if I’m not good enough? MAKE YOURSELF GOOD ENOUGH”

Yes sir!

Worldwide psychic predictions- make way for the next wave

This will be the year where the old guard is replaced by a new, younger, more technically savvy generation. Taylor Swift? She’s old news to them. Their cultural leanings are as varied, inclusive, and strange as anything that we’ve encountered. They have been knocking on the door, waiting to be let in. They don’t recognize limitations. They haven’t suffered as we have and aren’t afraid of what the future holds. They are expressing themselves however they see fit. Unlimited, empowered, and unaffected. From appropriate pronouns to not recognizing race as a factor as a limiting factor. Anyone before them is already obsolete. They are the vanguard. Not only are they ready for change, but they demand it. They won’t be silenced. The old ways will fall by the wayside. What is coming can be BEST compared to the sexual revolution of the ’60s, to the power of ten. If you stand in their way, you’ll get run over. If you try to keep up, you’ll be mocked. The only solution is to cede your place at the head of the table. Give the next generation the same opportunities that we all had. To make as many mistakes as we did. If you need a hint, google “OK boomer.”

2020 Psychic predictions2020 Psychic predictions

Technology is going to amaze us all

Have you heard of the newest breakthroughs in Quantum computing? How about how Elon Musk’s Neuralink technology holdings the promise of curing schizophrenia? We may not live long enough to operate a personal flying car, but the premise has already been established. Commercial vehicles are being tested as we speak. With technological breakthroughs come the fear that we are going to enter the age of Blade Runner or Terminator. Where robots take over the world or that technology will be used against us rather than for us. To date, all of the discoveries in tech have been, for the most part, to our benefit. From A.I. to cars that drive themselves and run on batteries, it’s not been so terrible. Fear is a strictly physical phenomenon. Computers don’t experience anxiety. Perhaps more logical minds can help us navigate what has been a hindrance to our growth and evolution. I don’t see any danger in the tools that we use taking control of our minds or lives. The risk is in resisting change, wanting things to remain as they are. That’s when we become obsolete. It’s like still using a flip phone to text. Sure it can be done, but why would you want to? Embracing change, growing, and evolving is one of the most extraordinary human traits. One of my psychic predictions is that this year, more than ever, we will be put to the test. Some of us will gladly embrace those changes, while the remainder will hold on to the old ways of doing things. Who can blame them? Change is hard. Even when it’s for the best.

2020 is the year of lasting love

Now, don’t put any more pressure on yourself than you already have. Love is natural, unforced, and happens when it happens. It’s not planned, can’t be forced, or demanding. Love is THE primal, building, creative, and life-giving energy in everything and everyone. Even rocks have love in them. They exist, don’t they? Latest psychic predictions suggest that this will be the year where lovers are found and lost. Where wives fall in love with their husbands all over again or walk away forever, yearning for a love that they know exists but haven’t yet found. This is going to be the year where global events scare us, but personal events take up more of our time and headspace. Where we as individuals begin to look more closely at what should be a priority in our lives, self love. Self love is going to be at the forefront. We are going to come to understand that as a species, that if we don’t love the person in the mirror, that lack of love is going to be reflected on everyone and everything else around us. True love is going to be discovered and understood as self-love. The naysayers who call for the rejection of ego and of the self are going to be silenced by the waves of people clamoring to be at peace with themselves.

Self-love is going to be taught and understood as the building blocks of a healthy, lasting relationship with one another. Those who have a solid footing on who they are and how they feel about themselves will have the advantage. We are going to enter into a period where the old ways of being in a relationship will seem outdated. It won’t be about finding a partner who can complete us. It will be about finding a partner that can complement us. We will no longer need someone to validate who and what we are. We are going to start looking at relationships as partnerships. We won’t solely depend on another to tell us that we are good enough, we will already know. That will be the launching point for greater peace, harmony, and understanding. The responsibility will shift from blaming our spouses, partners, parents, or children for our woes to looking within and fixing what is wrong with us. Once when we have removed the log from our eyes, only then can we hope to remove the speck in the eye of our loved ones.
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