How much is it to see a psychic?

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Psychic reading pricePsychic reading price

Of course there are famous psychics who charge far more and beginners who charge far less, but the price of a psychic reading generally falls somewhere between $100-$350 per hour. Online psychics usually charge per minute and range from $1 to over $30 per minute depending on ratings and reviews. In this case, how much you pay is entirely up to you and depends on the psychic you choose, how many questions you have and how complicated the answers are. Kasamba gives you 3 free minutes, allowing you to try different psychics until you find the best psychic for you.

There are times in our lives that we need guidance. We feel lost and don’t know what to do about a certain relationship, career decision, or life in general. At these times it can be very helpful to speak with someone who can connect to the bigger picture and give us advice to help us move forward or make an informed decision. Consulting a psychic provides wisdom and insight into our lives and helps us get on the right path if we’ve veered in the wrong direction. Being able to see upcoming challenges and receive advice on how to overcome them, or to know that something great is on the horizon, giving us hope for the future can be very beneficial. But in a world of unknowns, how do you know who is truly psychic and how much does a psychic reading cost?

When it comes to hiring someone for a service, it is common to find that the price per minute or hour will vary greatly from one professional to another. Whether it is a hair stylist, masseuse, or therapist how much they charge will usually depend on a few key factors: area of expertise; years of experience; and reputation. Clearly someone who went through extensive training and has years of experience is going to charge more than someone with no training and no experience. Hiring and determining how much to pay a psychic expert is no different. When searching for a quality psychic and asking how much it costs to get a psychic reading, you’ll have to consider these three factors.

Certain metaphysical fields take years of study to master. Astrology, for instance, is an intricate science with many variables and attributes - fully understanding planetary alignments and how they influence people’s personalities and lives is complex and requires in-depth study. Someone who knows everything about astrology can give you a pretty accurate reading, but to get the best insight into your astrological chart and all that it can reveal takes someone who can intuitively see the patterns and combinations and their relationship with each other – this can only come from years of experience.

The art of tarot and rune readings also take years of study and practice to learn. Each card or rune has a unique meaning that changes based on the placement within each spread and in relation to the other cards or runes that appear during the reading. Like astrology this also requires someone who is intuitive, with years of experience in order to fully access the true meaning and provide the most accurate interpretation.

Another type of reading that can take years to master is palm reading. Your hands and palms can reveal amazing things about your life, past life, personality, future, and destiny. It involves far more than just interpreting lines – there are distinct markings, mounds, textures, and characteristics of the fingers, fingernails, and palms that all provide deep insight to a trained palmist. There are also psychic experts who are naturally gifted. Who can communicate with the world beyond and access information through their psychic abilities. They receive messages, communicate with angels and guides, can connect with your animals or loved ones who have passed. These skills are unique and special. Psychics with a true gift quickly gain a reputation that allows them to demand higher prices for their psychic readings.

So, how much is it to see a psychic?

It depends on the psychic. Someone just starting out will charge far less than someone who has years of experience, this doesn’t mean they aren’t as gifted or qualified, they just haven’t done enough readings to have a solid base of satisfied clients to vouch for them. The price for a psychic reading remains low until they build their reputation.

Lower priced readings can also be offered by psychics who have experience and amazing reputations, but who perform readings as a service. Due to the nature of their business, some psychics feel it’s their obligation to keep the price of their readings low so everyone seeking psychic advice can get the assistance they need for their spiritual journey.

On the other end of the spectrum are mediums who have gained the trust of the masses. They have written books and guided celebrities, politicians, and the wealthy. Their gifts have brought them fame and some have waiting lists that are years long. They can, and do, charge top dollar for psychic readings - sometimes well over $1,000 per hour.

In general, the price of most psychic readings fall somewhere in the middle. There are several things that you should consider before hiring a psychic adviser and deciding what price range is worth investing in. If you have an important decision to make you may not want to turn to someone just starting out, but even if you have all the money in the world, as mentioned previously, it can take years to get an appointment with a top psychic. So if you want to get quality advice now or don’t want to spend a small fortune, you’ll want to find a psychic in the low to mid-price range.

Luckily, Kasamba has a large selection of quality psychic experts to choose from to get a psychic chat reading. Whatever type of reading you prefer and no matter what your budget is, you are sure to find someone gifted who can give you insight and provide you with the advice and information you seek. There are psychics who are experts in certain fields and subject matters. Perhaps you need love or career advice, or maybe you have an urge to know all about your past lives.

Selecting a psychic is easy. Choose the category that best fits your needs to see a list of professionals available to give you a detailed reading. Kasamba’s rating systems allows you to easily see each psychic’s rating and read detailed reviews from people who have had a reading with them. The price each psychic charges per minute for a psychic chat is clearly displayed, letting you find the perfect psychic adviser at the perfect price.

At Kasamba the first 3 minutes of your psychic chat reading with each expert is free, giving you the opportunity to get to know the psychic and see if they are right for you. Your options are endless and the guidance you seek is available now.

Psychic reading pricePsychic reading price

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