What is a Psychic Reading?

Written by Kasamba Advisor Divine Messenger Zuco

Welcome to the world beyond the veil, where I will let you into the other side of how I work, what I feel, what I do and especially what I SEE.

A psychic reading is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you need it to be. You become the star of the show. It’s a complex drama that plays out in front of my eyes and is then relayed back to you. From the moment that you enter my space, I’m connected. Let’s break down some of the different aspects of what takes place.

How do Psychics Get Their Information?

The beauty of a psychic reading is that it varies from psychic to client. No two readings are the alike. They can’t be. They are as unique as our DNA. As such, how each psychic receives that information is very different. Some of us are more specialized in certain areas, like connecting with those who have passed on, career questions or the biggest one of them all, LOVE. Our talents also vary quite widely. Personality and life experience can play a part, especially in how a reading can unfold. No two are alike. They are as unique as you are.

What I experience is also unique to me. The moment that you come into my room, the connection is established. I feel an instant “ping”. I can feel your mood, your emotions and often know what it is that you will be asking me. The door is open, the table is set, come on in and have a seat. As you type your questions, answers begin to take shape. I feel them in the depth of my stomach, in my chest and even on the top of my head. Signals are coming in, feelings are being felt. They are happy, sad, curious, painful, hopeful or can be very quiet at first. Then, just as quickly, images begin to appear. They are dream like in nature. Sometimes they take up the whole space in my mind. This is where experience and skill kicks in. I have to keep typing and conveying what I see while maintaining that connection.

As we interact, each character triggers a cascade of information. Sometimes in pieces. A slice here, a slice there. Emotions come in tandem. I can hear words being spoken quite literally. Often I repeat something that was said in secret, a slang that is shared between you two alone. Sometimes they can be associated with feelings, a situation, key elements of what and who you both are. There is what you mean to one another, what the actual issues are. Especially, why you both are not where you should be.

I experience what you do. I know exactly what you feel. I know exactly what your partner feels. To experience that love, that awesome ever healing and optimistic love. I feel it as you do, as they do. There are fewer greater joys than this.

It also comes through in a future tense. Meaning I feel what you will feel much later on. Confused? Let me explain.

During our reading, a vision will appear of the future. The vision is seen in my mind, through my soul, by way of my abilities. Those abilities include all my senses. My visions are 4 dimensional. I see, feel, hear and experience everything. Past, present and future.

As the vision of your future unfolds, I experience the very same emotions that you will at that time - As if it was now, in the present - But it’s actually in the future. Make sense?

I can tell you how you will feel at that time. Good or bad. Positive or negative. Based on choices that you make now or then. A great psychic doesn’t just tell you what's ahead, they help you make the best choices so you can be your happiest self in the future. Being connected with you, seeing what is ahead, feeling it as if I were you, it then becomes imperative for me that you make the right choices.

It works in reverse too! When you aren’t happy, when your partner is not happy, I’ll feel it as clear as day. I’ll know why he feels the way that he does, what happened to cause it, where the problem actually lies and what you can do, if there is anything that you can do. You'd be surprised how much we misunderstand one another. Much of what I do is getting partners, lovers and soulmates to perceive things as they actually are and not as they seem. What a psychic sees is the truth, above your opinions, my opinions or anyone’s. The truth as IT IS, the situation as IT IS, the future as IT IS. The potential that you want, what you can do to get there and what you should avoid at all costs. A great psychic can tell you what is. Not what you want to hear but what you need and must hear. In my experience, there is always a way to happiness and to your true path. ALWAYS.

So What do Psychics See When Doing a Reading?

My visions can vary wildly based on the reading and the individual. I’ve had experiences that shook me to my very core. There are visions that lifted me up and made me feel like I was walking on a cloud. What I see is YOU. Your life, your energy, your future. I see colors, I see faces, I see complex circumstances playing out. I see math problems in the guise of the human condition. I have seen angels and gods. I have seen two souls inhabiting the body of one and it was the most beautiful vision one could behold. It requires a mental flexibility that doesn’t fit within the logical world. It’s the ability to tap into the Divine Light of everything. To know for a moment, all that is, all that was and all that will ever be, all in the blink of an eye. It happens in less than a split second or it can last hours. All through the course of a session, visions, imagery and messages come through. I see, I feel, I hear, I sense, I experience sensations that are of this world and out of this world. I become you and your partner. For a time, I understand everything that there is to understand. At times, it’s an instant download. Thousands of pictures, feelings, emotions and experiences revealed in an instant. I then unfold it all, piece by piece, word by word, limited only by how long we have and how open you are.

Can Psychics Read Your Mind?

Yes I can. That’s not all I do, I also read your energy, emotions and on what frequency you are vibrating in. That shouldn’t scare or intimidate you. Any more than it would if a doctor was great at diagnosing a malady or a horticulturalist a type of flower. It’s a skill meant for healing and helping in the right hands. You can rest assured that if I am reading your mind, it’s for your benefit, not because I want to.

Mind reading is the least helpful of all abilities. I can read what someone is thinking right now. So what? How often does your mind change in a day? Many of our thoughts are not fit for public consumption. They are personal and private. Your mind is not something meant to be read on its own. It’s one part of a great kaleidoscope of information that we need. It’s what I do 1% of the time.

With that being said, you do want to be as forthcoming, open, honest and truthful as you possible can during a reading. It’s fair to be a little scared, hesitant and even careful with what you share. I agree with the need for caution. But be mindful of being dishonest or purposely misleading. It comes up in the strangest ways. It can affect my own ability to decipher what I see. The reading is a combined effort. I can’t do it alone. I’m going to be sharing what I see, if you deny it, if you claim it’s not true when it is, that does affect the flow of information. If what I am seeing is being disputed as untrue, unfactual or wrong, it might call into question other aspects of what I am seeing. Then we have to take time to sort out what’s going on. For me, that means fine tuning my connection, troubleshooting the message and if that doesn’t help, I’m going to have to challenge you on what you are saying. A great psychic knows better than to doubt themselves, even when it looks impossible. That’s part of our responsibilities. To remain true to the message, even if it looks impossible to you. That’s the whole point. To allow you to experience happiness, joy and peace that is NOW impossible to you. That means that sometimes I have to challenge what you believe to be true, even at the risk of offending you. Terribly so! I’ve done it a million times and will do keep doing it. The reason I say this is because I’ve experienced both sides of that coin. I’ve allowed clients to convince me when I knew better. The outcomes were much worse for them than if I had stuck to my guns on the issue. I’ve experienced terrible fall outs with some clients who thought I was dead wrong, that I couldn’t be right and that my visions were too far out to be believed. That the man could not change in that way, that they would not respond in the way I saw or that they couldn’t say what I saw them saying. Needless to say, it did happen.

I’d rather upset you with the truth than appease you with a sweet lie. With the truth, your life can grow in a straight line, up towards the sky, closer to the sun, and bear great fruit.

Lies and comfort have a way of keeping you close to the ground, in misery, covered in mud. You're never alone on the ground, but that kind of company is nothing to be happy about.

A psychic is there to serve you - You are the center of the reading. Not so much the psychic, but you. The psychic uses their abilities to focus on you, your situation and your energy. We are conduits of information and can even help you shape your destiny, but you are the always the star of the show.

What is a Psychic Reading What is a Psychic Reading

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