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Tarot Reading



** NEW on Kasamba ** I have well over a decade of professional experience in Intuitive Tarot and am well-versed in Astrology and most metaphysical modalities. Other Specialties  
About My Services

Even though I have the utmost respect for traditional Tarot, I simply use the cards to rev up my Intuition and senses so I can relay Spirit messages back to you. It is also important to me that I empower you with knowledge and ways to trust your own Intuition. As much as I love my clients, I don't want them to NEED me. I want them to feel confident making choices to live their best life!

Experience & Qualifications

I have over 10 years of reading Tarot professionally. I started out casting Astrology charts by hand and then ventured into Tarot. When I read I typically intertwine the two and sprinkle lots of other metaphysical modalities throughout. Many are refreshed just how pragmatic and logical I am for being in this line of work. I'm also a straight shooter, but balance it out with compassion.


Parapsychology diploma from Stratford Career Institute and Angel Healing diploma from Academy of Ancient Magick