About My Services

Do you feel lost? I can help you find your way. Love is meant to be ultimately beautiful in every way. The journey towards that promised land is another matter entirely. Confusion, frustration and even betrayal can create a landscape that is nothing like the picture we painted in our minds when we first received that vision of that beautiful future together. Don’t be discouraged. If there is a way, if it’s real, if what you seek is true, I can help get you there. I specialize in deeply difficult relationships. Whether you just met or it’s someone that you known them for many years, only to resurface again. Are they the one? Whether it’s someone who you just met and your whole life is being turned upside at the idea of following your heart to theirs. Should you go for it? How about when you fall in love, know that the other person loves you but neither of you are talking about it, acting on it and you wonder if this is just in your head or if it’s real. I can help with that. There are many different scenarios that love can decide to make itself manifested. I’m familiar with all of them. I can help you get you through the barriers, challenges, point out what to avoid and help you clearly see what needs to change if anything to get where you need to be. Sometimes it’s about our own personal behaviors, choices or having to make sacrifices. Sometimes you need to change tactics, take more of an initiative yourself or pull back completely. Sometimes it’s about needing extra patience, understanding and being able to see things differently. Getting a new and different perspective. If you feel stuck, unable to figure things out and need guidance towards a happier place, then talk to me. With more than 20 years experience and over 30,000 individual sessions you know that you are in good hands. Welcome to a safe, secure and positive environment.

Experience & Qualifications

I've spent my life learning, growing, studying and meditating on the ultimate truths of love, life and wisdom. I specialize in bringing you from darkness to the light of life. I know the way back. Let me guide you from desperation and hopefulness to the joy that can only be felt by once again having hope. My readings are original, clean, sincere and all my own. Expect nothing but the truth with your best interests in mind. Not mine but yours.


B.A. Metaphysics - Lifelong Seeker of knowledge and empowerment. Various Spiritual degrees in many different fields.