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Please give me your first name and recieve a reading. My intuition has always helped me to understand a persons situation and combines well with tarot cards to provide clarity. I aim to give you the truth in a situation and don't just give information to make you feel better. My methods are to tell you what I see and feel, to show you your path and help you change certian situations for you to benefit. Everybody in life benefits from the truth but sometimes we dont see it. As my ratings imply I do speak the truth, some are ready to listen whilst a few are not. If you would like to talk with me please be ready to hear the truth :) Please find the time to leave a rating as others can then experience the truth :-) *no refunds*

Experience & Qualifications

I have been working online as a psychic since November 2005 and after so many years of not knowing how to use my talent, finding kasamba/LivePerson finally gave me the platform to do what I have wanted to for so long. Below is an email I have recieved from a client who wants me to share her words and experiences with me. *****I have been a client of Zoran's for quite a while now and I find him to be extremely accurate, very fast to connect, honest, understanding, caring, incredibly gifted and I always know without a doubt that Zoran has my best interests at question. He doesn't have an agenda of his own. Zoran helps me to see what I need to see...which is not always what I am looking at! Sometimes we need someone to gently put us on the right track...sometimes we are so embroiled in things we just cant see clearly. If you are feeling like can absolutely trust Zoran, he consistently does his best for his clients. A long time ago someone told me a good counsellor does not take your power but when you are unable to see clearly, they hold it for you. This is what I think Zoran does, he holds it while I need that and then gives it back to me. Zoran is a huge support for me when times are difficult and I always I know his integrity is there. He is not only there for me to come & see but I know he also lovely is that? If you havent had a reading with Zoran you are missing something amazing...he sees inside people so well at times it is like he is in the room with them. This is one lovely guy, a first rate reader and huge support when needed. Sue*****


I was born naturally intuitive a gift passed down to me from my yugoslavian routes and I have helped change peoples lives with my honesty.