About My Services

I am a skilled energy reader. I am also an experienced astrologer. Energy readings really help understand where someone else is coming from, their feelings and thoughts, and why they act the way they do. Understanding a persons energy is understanding them. It will help you to know what to expect from them emotionally and mentally. It will help you to communicate with them easier.

Experience & Qualifications

I have been doing network radio and private readings in New York City for over 30 years. I ask you only for a first name for an energy reading. I also will get some things separate and apart when reading your energy line. I believe in sharing the good news and the bad, as it will help you navigate whatever is to come. I generally pick up very fast and will always help you see the big picture while focusing on how to handle it step by step!


I am a member of several astrology organizations and have completed numerous courses in EBT and other metaphysical programs.