About My Services

Genuine Readings are a fantastic gift which allows us to better participate in our own life cycles. Readings provide us with the information and tools we need to comprehend what is happening in our life, what has transpired in the past and offer needed insight into our future. You can gain wisdom, endless knowledge and guidance. Responsibility is crucial in the success of professional readings along with a positive attitude and willingness to learn what is necessary in order to continue your personal journey. To actively “participate” in your own destiny, is not for everyone. Understand that readings are flexible and can be altered depending on changes made in even the smallest way. Life is a spiritual journey and there are many different paths to a single destination. Utilize your own and the Psychic Power of experienced professionals genuinely tap into the vibrations that guide and allow you to truly experience the course you are on. Tarot Cards, Rune Stones, Pendulum and Crystal Ball readings available.

Experience & Qualifications

Intuitive Reader for 30 years. Professional, Genuine and Honest Intuitive Psychic Readings. Experience the benefit of a reading with me! Enjoy insight through Tarot cards, Rune stones or Pendulums for you!


30 years as a Professional Reader. Allow me to read Tarot cards, or cast Rune stones for you!