Member: User_2345462
Jan 20 2021
Member: gm263668
Jan 16 2021
Member: hee
Thank u
Jan 14 2021
Member: Onward
She’s terrific
Jan 13 2021
Member: User_2161383
Jan 12 2021
Member: User_2702382
Jan 10 2021
Member: ReddboneJ
Very outstanding job! I really appreciate and enjoyed this session today with Nova. She was great and quick with her visions and Ability today!! She is one reader to chat with and make you feel better and easier to talk with!! I’m glad to meet Nova today. Thank you for your work!!
Jan 10 2021
Member: Ben83
Great as always, connects very well!
Jan 5 2021
Member: User_6358105
Jan 3 2021
Member: User_3650711
Thank you!
Dec 31 2020

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