Member: User_8bn4mh
Thank you
Dec 5 2021
Member: User_514530
Dec 4 2021
Member: New beginning
Amazing reader
Dec 3 2021
Member: User_514530
Nov 23 2021
Member: User_3047522
Nov 22 2021
Member: User_514530
:) good
Nov 21 2021
Member: User_514530
Thank you :)
Nov 21 2021
Member: GarzaMel
Very friendly and fast typer but repetitive. It took 28 minutes to discuss one situation. I had to redirect more than once and ask to move on to next question. If you have the time and money, he/she is very enjoyable and kind.
Nov 17 2021
Member: User_7103234
always very concise and clear in the messaging. Gives me insight and peace of mind
Nov 16 2021
Member: User_2164453
Thanks for your help
Nov 15 2021

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