Member: User_3732745
She’s calming down and gives hopes
Jul 22 2019
Member: DugN34
very friendly and honest about what was asked about.
Jul 15 2019
Member: stam1101
Very helpful. I'll let you know how it goes.
Jul 10 2019
Member: User_5913331
Thank you
Jul 8 2019
Member: Colibri
AMAZING! All that Kiara said is 100% true. I am on oufff! Will get back to her, she'll be my only go too. Very generous, kind and she knows her craft!
Jul 3 2019
Member: Mara.G
good reading
Jun 22 2019
Member: User_ptm69e
I love Kiara:) She always helps me get through difficult times. xoxo
Jun 16 2019
Member: User_snafqc
Thank you
Jun 4 2019
Member: User_ptm69e
Kiara always helps me to see things clearly. Even when it is difficult to hear. xoxo
Jun 2 2019
Member: User_9239831
Very pleasant
Jun 2 2019

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