Member: Iroquois1101
I needed this. Thank you for reassuring me! Always helpful, always compassionate, always make me feel better. thank you!
Dec 13 2018
Member: User_9yx28s
a true friend
Dec 10 2018
Member: anisah
Thank you so much Robyn for being so wonderful. (((Hugs)))
Dec 9 2018
Member: Iroquois1101
Time always goes so fast! thank you for easing my nerves about tonight. I will let you know how tonight goes!
Dec 7 2018
Member: Iroquois1101
Thank you for always being here for me!
Dec 4 2018
Member: User_k4cz8m
Nov 28 2018
Member: P_48
thank you
Nov 25 2018
Member: User_k4cz8m
Accurate predictions came true
Nov 21 2018
Member: User_68e5qt
Always clear and concise. Validates how I feel without me saying a word and clarifies the path ahead. THANK YOU Robyn!
Nov 18 2018
Member: User_nt3iyf
thank you so much Robyn. very detailed and accurate. i just run out of funds. thank you though. xx
Nov 16 2018

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