Member: sarahannie3
Really spot onand love checking in with her and looking forward to her predictions coming true!
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_8t3w5q
she is a n angel
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_6517069
Very slow to respond
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_7364313
Absolutely Incredible Reading
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_4137393
when I am on the edge she is the one that talks me down she calms me down when my mind is running a mile a minute and she's on point so if you're looking for that person that's going to tell you the truth and how it is she's that person
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_8625269
Love her
Oct 1 2023
Member: neeju
On point
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_3534689
Oct 1 2023
Member: Matt
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_3664766
Thank you !
Sep 30 2023

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