Member: User_4309100
Thank you
Apr 24 2024
Member: User_4fpy4v
Thank you for a good reading
Apr 23 2024
Member: User_8191894
Not sure if she was actually accurate but will check back with her and change rating later
Apr 17 2024
Member: User_6716928
Great reading
Apr 16 2024
Member: L5998681
Always on point and very quick to respond to my questions. thank you!!
Apr 14 2024
Member: User_7726197
Supe R
Apr 14 2024
Member: User_1318999
Apr 12 2024
Member: User_7966783
Thank you.
Apr 12 2024
Member: User_8336223
Good reading
Mar 26 2024
Member: User_1318999
Mar 24 2024

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