Member: User_6375156
Jul 20 2019
Member: User_654680
I have had multiple charges to my card, I am guessing it’s a skam since I was online for less than 2mins and yet they tried to charge 88dollars and 77 dollars. It’s so sad and unfortunate
Jul 19 2019
Member: User_6375156
she is very good
Jul 19 2019
Member: Kim
She was fast and VERY INSIGHTFUL with questions I was wanting to know for a long time. I will be back soon!
Jul 18 2019
Member: User_9326851
Jul 18 2019
Member: mj1982
Jul 15 2019
Member: Tara
Thanks Jenny! You have been right in the past! I hope you are right this time too!
Jul 12 2019
Member: PKP12877
Jul 11 2019
Member: User_1154532
She’s awesome
Jul 9 2019
Member: User_8c4p9d
Jul 8 2019

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