Member: User_3699437
Amazing! Fast, nice, spot on. Thank you.
Sep 18 2023
Member: User_3699437
Amazing! Fast, spot on, really cares, helpful. I love chatting with her always helps me see things clear and feel better??
Sep 15 2023
Member: User_3699437
Amazing! THE BEST!
Sep 15 2023
Member: Zara
Picks up insight quickly
Aug 30 2023
Member: User_2453134
Encouraging read
Aug 26 2023
Member: PJ555
Good insights !
Aug 20 2023
Member: User_9525689
Loved her!!! Told me what I needed to hear! Will be back??
Aug 16 2023
Member: User_247988
Insightful and positive
Aug 3 2023
Member: User_5315759
Thank you for the reading
Jul 28 2023
Member: User_7776323
Excellent reader picked up fast provides alot of good details into situation and made good predictions
Jul 21 2023

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