Member: User_1274368
Love you, Mel
Aug 11 2020
Member: User_7589286
My session was incredible the insight melodie provided was remarkable and completely on point to my life. Her words were comforting and guiding. Will be back again.
Aug 11 2020
Member: User_6517602
Genuine and professional person, accurate readings and fast typer! At times of struggle i just hit the chat button with her and everything seems to make sense after talking to her. Her readings were on point. First reading i had with her was super accurate, she immediately got a glimpse of my situation without even going into details yet! She’s the best
Aug 10 2020
Member: srivatsan
Aug 10 2020
Member: User_3820602
good stuff
Aug 10 2020
Member: User_2314998
Love you! Always the best!
Aug 10 2020
Member: User_87515
She was quick and fast I appreciate it
Aug 10 2020
Member: Karen25
Aug 9 2020
Member: User_2314998
I love Melodie!! I can literally spend hours chatting with her and not realise that time passing is just how much I enjoy my chat with her. Not only accurate, compassionate but she is just amazing! Highly recommended!
Aug 7 2020
Member: User_2475271
Love talking to Melodie and receiving reassurance!
Aug 6 2020

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