Member: User_29155
Sep 24 2023
Member: User_8274327
Thanks for making me feel better
Sep 24 2023
Member: User_7290100
Sep 24 2023
Member: User_513010
Excellent n a very nice chat
Sep 23 2023
Member: User_3458244
on point each time I talk to Sam.....Thank You So Much Sam!!!! ??
Sep 23 2023
Member: Ally
He talks a lot. Just give direct straight forward answers.
Sep 23 2023
Member: User_ff4agq
He was awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better reading
Sep 23 2023
Member: User_2028154
Just really repeated what I said. Nothing concrete
Sep 23 2023
Member: marcusgn98
I really needed this reading. I was feeling really sad Sam thank you so much for this reading.
Sep 23 2023
Member: User_7449686
Good reading
Sep 22 2023

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