Member: Joe
Jun 17 2018
Member: Jas
Very reassuring and connected! Love talking with her ;) Even though sometimes I do it too much!!! LOL! Thanks bunches!!!!
Jun 7 2018
Member: Joe
Jun 2 2018
Member: Firefly
Thank you. Truthful and honest even when it hurts.
May 28 2018
Member: User_zgcd4b
May 19 2018
Member: Joe
Thank u
May 17 2018
Member: Chelsea
nOt true. Very very expensive false hopes, almost felt like spinning stories
May 16 2018
Member: User_zgcd4b
May 15 2018
Member: User_In_Hope
very informative insights and practical suggestions, as usual. Thanks
May 13 2018
Member: User_In_Hope
lost of insightful information in details; provided guidance; Her readings to your questions will blow you away ...
May 13 2018

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