Member: User_7v8nwk
feels truthful
Sep 18 2021
Member: User_4720507
Nice as always
Sep 14 2021
Member: User_6095218
Sorry I did not feel she was connected,she read what the cards came out but to connection
Sep 13 2021
Member: User_3332862
Aug 22 2021
Member: User_3192460
This women not only is accurate but fast and can read you clearly .Best in Kasamba.Also ,kind ,straigh shooter and no sugar coating.The best!!
Aug 16 2021
Member: User_9273342
Thank you
Aug 15 2021
Member: User_6635126
On spot
Aug 15 2021
Member: Veekit
Awesome read! As always! Really detailed!
Aug 15 2021
Member: User_2395956
She did great
Jul 30 2021
Member: User_590674
Thank you for the detailed reading !! :)
Jul 25 2021

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