Member: User_6735082
slow to respond but positive ...helps me to keep a clear mind would like to see things unfold as per predicted sooner than later
Jun 10 2023
Member: chellz
Not sure what was up but it didn’t feel real or perhaps it was a language barrier. I could have been on the other end making the same generalizations. “Negative things happen from the universe , things will get better in a month” they kept calling me dear. Things have not got better.that’s why I was asking.unfortunately no connection.I’m a little more depressed and desperate and was hoping to hear more of a solution or specifics I’m lost and I feel more sad now that I spent money finding out the meh of my life.
Jun 9 2023
Member: User_199199
Please finish
Jun 7 2023
Member: User_8697128
was good
Jun 6 2023
Member: User_7407402
Jun 6 2023
Member: Advertising
Jun 4 2023
Member: User_8283860
Jun 2 2023
Member: User_1420798
Always good
May 30 2023
Member: User_2985222
Reading was good and okay
May 27 2023
Member: User_7384210
Very good
May 27 2023

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