Member: User_3258109
Sonya genuinely cares about people and wants to help..She is real, empathetic, speaks the truth in the most conscious ways. She was accurate to the most minute detail about my situation and described the persons personality perfectly. She cares about your money and will get to the point right away. She a blessing! ????
Feb 4 2023
Member: DEMC
She’s very fast and accurate. No hocus pocus here…he is the real deal! You won’t be disappointed.
Feb 2 2023
Member: User_6749305
Very helpful thank you!
Feb 1 2023
Member: Cris
Sonya is great! She’s been advising me for years. She’s always spot on! I appreciate her guidance.
Jan 31 2023
Member: User_4883001
Thank you
Jan 31 2023
Member: option123
The best of the best!
Jan 31 2023
Member: vanelops
Connected quickly and provided lots of details about the people asked about. Thank you! XOXO
Jan 26 2023
Member: option123
Fast and straight to the point. I can always count on Sonya for accurate info. Thank you!
Jan 26 2023
Member: JennyStar
I've known Sonya since Kasamba first started and I've been getting readings and spiritual work done from her all these years! At times I've gone too other psychics but no one is as great as Sonya. Sonya has a wonderful gift and she is also an empath which makes her gift much more powerful. She is very caring and tells you what the truth is - good or bad. She is very sweet and kind. I'm lucky to know her. I think anyone who may be looking to hire her and is skeptical shouldn't be. She's great! She's a fast typer and won't waste your time. Sonya is simply the best. She deserves much more recognition than just being known as a psychic on Kasamba. She deserves to be known by many!
Jan 26 2023
Member: Jojo
Sonya is the best psychic! I have been coming to her for many years now, and she always impresses me with her gifts. She has a big heart and is here to help me. Also, she is always right which is important. There were times in the past I wish I had listened to her but I won't make that mistake again. Today she totally nailed connecting with a new person I asked her about. She picked up on my coworker's personality and described it down to a T. If I could, I would rate a million stars for Sonya!
Jan 25 2023

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