Member: kcoby
Sonya did a great job of accurately reading the situation. This waws my first reading with her. While others have given timeframes that have come and gone, she predicted the slowness of my situation, which is very logical given the pace everything has been going. She is really good and I look forward to spending more time with her.
Oct 1 2023
Member: Emmi
Sorry my funds, if you’re able to finish the sentence? Thank you so much you are wonderful <3
Sep 23 2023
Member: User_2093551
Thank you as always :((
Sep 22 2023
Member: Elena
Decisions, decisions, decisions... and Sonya it the one who can make it clear in my head.
Sep 19 2023
Member: User_5060269
Amazing as always!! :)
Sep 16 2023
Member: User_9709799
Sonya is always spot on! She is professional and a delight to speak with!
Sep 16 2023
Member: Emmi
Sorry funds ended but thank you, you are amazing
Sep 15 2023
Member: Elena
Always cleat and always true.
Sep 15 2023
Member: User_6854571
So insightful and accurate. Best reader by far
Sep 10 2023
Member: Cris
Sooo great!! Sonya is always dead accurate. It blows my mind.
Sep 1 2023

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