Member: User_6513821
thank you always
Jan 15 2022
Member: SweetOct17
You are one of the kindest nicest people Ive ever meant I mean that -- I am praying for everything to resolve itself -- and will be praying and sending love and light .. LOVE LOVE LOVE and LIGHT always ....
Jan 14 2022
Member: user Sa
Very professional
Jan 13 2022
Member: Tina
Amazing reading! So much information, so so fast! Wonderful to catch up again.
Jan 11 2022
Member: User_1874717
Jan 11 2022
Member: User_7292522
Soooo insightful and so much detail. Such a great reading! I am very hopeful for the future!
Jan 11 2022
Member: User_660886
Always very helpful
Jan 11 2022
Member: User_9237545
much gratitude. thank you .
Jan 6 2022
Member: User_6513821
Sonya has helped me in my healing journey focusing on my relationship that lead me to self love. I am still praying for my SP and I to work out but I am also realising the importance of myself. I believe her spiritual healing has helped me to have this state and disposition. I am still in a working progress ans her healing has helped me push in having a good state. She continuously check up on me and very accommodating in quickly answering my questions both in the live chat or on messages. You are truly an Angel:)
Jan 6 2022
Member: User_702818
One of the most amazing advisors online. Sonya is kind & caring in her deliverance. She is so skilled at connect to the person and situation. Thanks for all your care , advise and support.
Jan 5 2022

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