Member: User_4296712
Raven is THE REAL DEAL! She is so talented. I just had an updated teasing and the information she shared about a dream I had about my POI was spot on in how she described it. I ALWAYS feel better after taking with Raven because she literally voices what I'm feeling and what kind of man my POI is. She's been consistent with her readings and predictions. I'm waiting for what she's shared the come to fruition. She's so calm and concise... I'll NEVER seek anyone else out but her... She's THE BEST. I find myself saying aloud, "yes, omgoodness you're spot on Raven" a lot during our readings. ?? Raven
Nov 20 2019
Member: User_uu23cc
Raven is so insightful and caring.
Nov 20 2019
Member: User_8396413
very insightful second time we spoke. Rave is the real thing
Nov 20 2019
Member: Gaby
Thanks Raven!
Nov 19 2019
Member: LarissaNL
Accurate and in tune
Nov 19 2019
Member: Mel
Thank you for the calming conversation.
Nov 19 2019
Member: User_5118359
She is the best adviser and her predictions do come true!!!
Nov 19 2019
Member: User_kh5wrd
She is always on point amazing ??
Nov 17 2019
Member: Emmi
Raven is amazing, I have talked to her a long time now.
Nov 16 2019
Member: User_2964699
She’s been spot on before with her readings, I’ve been coming to her for a while. Thanks raven !
Nov 15 2019

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