Member: User_mmb3pr
I love Chance. He is so real and authentic. No sugar coating and quick to connect. He has been right for a year now and also read my character. You cant go wrong with him
Dec 31 2019
Member: User_3560352
Chance have been right about this guy and he encouraged me to move on and that I would find someone who would treat me better. I was so caught up in love and didnt really believe it. But it has come to a point and I cut my now ex off and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again Chance!
Aug 2 2019
Member: Traci48
Chance Pisces is awesome, accurate, and amazingly intuitive! The delivery and detailed information he gives was just what I needed and everything I did not speak on he did, yes he is REAL.
Jul 1 2019
Member: Kay
Thanks again for your help.
Apr 28 2019
Member: Kay
Chance is a seer (sees now and future) with very strong visions. He does not sugarcoat because he cares about his clients, gives honesty and clarity to you. I appreciate his high psychic skills and his openness.
Apr 15 2019
Member: one2share
Chance gets right to the point, no fillers, I am looking forward to what he says come to light, he doesn't try to waste time to for more funds or drag out the conversation. Thanks!
Mar 31 2019
Member: Kay
Very detailed insights as always with straight forward expressions which is helpful to me.
Feb 25 2019
Member: Kay
Sorry for the bad connection. I appreciate your patience. Thank you for your clear vision.
Jan 28 2019
Member: Kay
Thank you so much again for your amazing insight and patience. Really really appreciate. Sorry my fund ended in the middle of the session.
Jan 23 2019
Member: Kay
unexpected insight, but sounds promising. I will look forward to his prediction coming true.
Jan 14 2019

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