Member: User_5060269
Omg. Jennifer literally blows me away! Woah! She is the real deal!!! So freaking incredible!
Sep 22 2023
Member: User_5913876
She was right before about the two guys I was interested with, they were not it for me. Then she told me about something related to my ex and a family member, i literally argued with her that she was wrong because I didn't think these two would do that to me and yet she was right all along. i saw a text that was highly inappropriate with my own eyes, and i had to put my tail between my legs and update Jenn about it. Thanks for letting me know, it seems nothing goes right for me and i hate myself more and more that all these people that I cared about so much ended up doing the most hurtful things ever. I appreciate your insight; it seems she is great when it comes to warning you about the bad which hurts to know but she hasn't been wrong. xo
Sep 18 2023
Member: User_5344543
Thank you! So kind
Sep 12 2023
Member: User_1914242
Jennifer is always fabulous. Don’t miss a reading with her. She is the real deal! xxx
Sep 11 2023
Member: User_3947918
She is my personal fbi agent ?? always on point always correct
Sep 8 2023
Member: User_6835777
Very honest and spot on
Sep 7 2023
Member: User_3827418
Thank you xx
Sep 5 2023
Member: User_3c3c3n
Sep 2 2023
Member: xxxxx
my funds run out but thanks for the advice! appreciate it
Sep 1 2023
Member: User_3947918
Genuine amazing correct and she always says the truth!
Aug 29 2023

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