Member: reeface
Thank you so very much again! I appreciate all that you do.
Nov 20 2023
Member: User_6842264
She is helpful
Nov 15 2023
Member: reeface
Thank you for being so patient again and always with me!
Nov 12 2023
Member: reeface
Thank you for checking in . I really appreciate it. As always.
Nov 11 2023
Member: Sunflower
love her. she is honest plus encouraging..accurate as always
Nov 9 2023
Member: User_2859390
Great insight so far. Thank you
Nov 5 2023
Member: User_1974387
Very quick to the point and honest. Thankyou for your time
Nov 5 2023
Member: Sunflower
Truly I cannot get enough of her. She takes good care of me. She tells me exactly and honestly what is happening. She never leads me on. And most of all she gives me clarity. I'm grateful to have found her.
Nov 2 2023
Member: reeface
thank you for the patient advice as always - i do not come in much to save some money - but thank you!
Nov 1 2023
Member: User_5315759
Thank you
Oct 27 2023

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