Member: User_5538855
Positiveperson with quick response!
Nov 29 2020
Member: User_9326113
Thank you for the reassurance! Predictions still remains the same and I'm looking forward to it all coming together when the time is right.
Nov 29 2020
Member: User_3906659
Genuine reading!
Nov 28 2020
Member: User_411353
Nov 28 2020
Member: User_9107320
Great reading. She told me the exact same thing as last time which was months ago, and reminded me of what I'm supposed to be doing. Motivating
Nov 28 2020
Member: Tipan
Nov 28 2020
Member: User_7065665
very intune and fast
Nov 28 2020
Member: User_2019595
Thank you ???? Very direct reading. Appreciate the honesty
Nov 26 2020
Member: User_9701593
Straight to the point
Nov 25 2020
Member: User_mmjdcq
To the point
Nov 24 2020

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