Member: User_9163519
She told me what I knew in my heart.
Sep 21 2023
Member: User_1690911
Very pleasant and natural. Thank you Carole.
Sep 19 2023
Member: User_3031098
Wonderful thank you!
Sep 19 2023
Member: User_3216862
Thank you for your guidance.
Sep 19 2023
Member: User_5315759
Thank you
Sep 18 2023
Member: User_733033
Carole is outstanding and her advice is incredibly helpful!
Sep 18 2023
Member: kcoby
Where do I start with Carole? As an advisor she is INVALUABLE. Never have I met anyone like her and I have been going to psychics for the past 30 years. Her readings are a little bit different, which I love because she is incredibly different. Spirit talks to her in a very conversational way that absolutely NAILS the situation and everything around the situation. She can see the good, bad and ugly of something and guides you in a way where you come out on top. Information is important but her guidance is what makes her such a powerful psychic. Even if you are also going to other advisors on here, add Carole to your advisor team. She will add a depth that will set you up for success. She is incredibly caring and empathic. And not just because you are paying her, but because she truly cares. After having a session with her, you will know that she puts her heart and soul into helping you succeed. She will be one of my forever advisors in anything having to do with my life. I trust her. Her predictions come true.
Sep 17 2023
Member: User_2unbwq
Very insightful
Sep 17 2023
Member: User_3031098
Great thanks
Sep 15 2023
Member: Tsm
Sep 11 2023

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