Member: miamigirl1992
thank u
Apr 17 2024
Member: User_7970985
thank you Amber for a update I will contact soon
Apr 16 2024
Member: Cris
Amber is so wonderful and kind. She has been spot on with everything!
Apr 16 2024
Member: Cris
Amber is so great!! Her prediction happened just as she said!!
Apr 10 2024
Member: User_7970985
thank you for a short chat I will update soon
Apr 8 2024
Member: User_9972115
Thanks so much!
Apr 7 2024
Member: User_7970985
thank you so very much Amber I am glad you are online again
Apr 3 2024
Member: User_450427
thank you
Apr 2 2024
Member: Eden
Mar 27 2024
Member: Cris
Amber is so great! She is a fast typer and very detailed. Love chatting with her!
Mar 24 2024

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