Member: MEC
Very accurate regarding the situation. Confirming what I feel I already knew, but was overthinking.
Nov 12 2019
Member: JJB
Nov 12 2019
Member: User_67mkme
Helped me see alot. I will be back.
Nov 11 2019
Member: User_5386022
Very detailed
Nov 8 2019
Member: User_236411
Truthful and real
Nov 7 2019
Member: User_5158817
Nov 7 2019
Member: User_hnq6we
Very perceptive, caring, and on point.
Nov 6 2019
Member: User_2635847
Absolutely amazing and incredible.
Nov 6 2019
Member: User_4902338
Will definitely connect again
Nov 4 2019
Member: User_phuffu
Wonderful, really in-depth and caring
Nov 4 2019

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