Member: User_5994895
Jul 4 2022
Member: User_2853874
Great as always
Jul 4 2022
Member: User_5075354
Good advice
Jul 4 2022
Member: User_2822611
Always 5 stars
Jul 4 2022
Member: User_3661237
Thoughtful and candid. Really concise and no sugar coating
Jul 3 2022
Member: User_7971612
Thank you
Jul 1 2022
Member: User_9513109
She was great! Connected very quickly
Jun 30 2022
Member: Punki
She is amazing with very clear insights and a great advisor.
Jun 30 2022
Member: User_1690397
She is good, She was right on point with everything, she tells you how it is and gives alot of info.
Jun 30 2022
Member: User_1255859
Very helpful and thorough advice. She mentions a lot of positive aspects and possibilities but she gets right to the honest talk, when needed. It is nice to know what relationships we should/shouldn't put energies into, as love/lust can be confusing.
Jun 28 2022

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