Member: User_3741793
Been coming to Sherry for a few years now and I've never been disappointed. There are only a few readers I believe in and she is one of them. She picks up on energies and emotions really well especially with my poi. Just today she out of the blue told me she sees me traveling a lot this year which is correct cause I do have a big trip coming up this year which I never even mentioned. She is straight to the point and just tells you everything she sees...the good and the bad. She is such a sweetheart. I highly recommend her cause she is an actual true psychic with true gifts. She could easily have 3 times the reviews or more than she has but with her readings being done speaking on the phone instead of chat readings the only way you can give her a review is to go on the full website and give the review unlike chat where you can just do it through the phone app after your reading. Trust me she is more than worth it. Don't hesitate to give her a try.
May 30 2023
Member: KJ1001
She seemed well connected. I have to wait to see if timeframe(s) are accurate. Very easy to chat with and a lot of what she said made absolute sense. So I am hopeful :)
May 27 2023
Member: User_289735
May 25 2023
Member: Peach689
One of the top notch Readers on the site I was completely blown away with my reading, my very first reading with Sherry, and she has told me things that are so true That she would have no way knowing she gave me confirmation that she is a real psychic, and I am completely amazed at her accuracy. Give her a try. You won’t be disappointed.
May 20 2023
Member: Kaitlyn423
Wow, I am complete shock, completely Amazing outstanding Sherry is very accurate. Gave me very much. Insight is dose not sugarcoat. She is very straightforward and will tell you the truth so if you want to hear the truth and you should give her a call, I can’t believe I found a real genuine, psychic, hands-down The best reading ever I will be calling you soon, Sherry, thank you for your honesty and for your insight
May 20 2023
Member: Earth Angel
Sherry gave me details that noone on the site has predicted. I have my fingers crossed for the prediction and details given ... Thank You so much Sherry !
Apr 28 2023
Member: silverstar88
Wonderful advisor. She's very intuitive and sticking to her original prediction. Hoping things will pan out in the next couple of weeks. Thank you!
Apr 26 2023
Member: Kaitlyn423
One of my first readings with this advisor, and Sherry’s Reading was amazing, so accurate and honest and detailed so specific that it gave me chills I was in shock. I still cannot believe how gifted she is I have spoken to several psychics on Kasamba only to be disappointed time after time, but she is giving me so much information and detail and so many answers then I’ve been searching for in one reading. She has been able to clarify so many unanswered questions for me, and also had told me about certain things that have happened to me in the past that are true absolutely amazing the real deal give her try it you won’t be disappointed. Thank Sherry *****
Apr 14 2023
Member: silverstar88
Thank you so much Sherry, for delivering a message that I know is simply what you hear from the spirit guides, never to misguide me. I am hopeful that things will unfold the way you describe them.
Apr 13 2023
Member: Jen7295
Wow, I am very surprised. First of all I am very skeptical of psychics After speaking with Sherry I am a believer. She’s made predictions and told me things that she could possibly not know She also gave me a message from someone very close to me that passed away and me, and my family member had this conversation before their death, and she use the same exact words. truly amazing This is how I know that she is a real genuine psychic. I am in shock Amazing !!!!
Apr 11 2023

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