Member: Tony
Sherry is AMAZING & AWESOME! She understands me & my love & our sadness & pain that we're going thru. There has been a lot of turmoil & anxiety & Sherry understands & gives comfort. She is calm & reassuring. She ALWAYS reads with compassion, love, hope & understanding. She has a positive & uplifting attitude & amazing abilities. She makes me feel calmer after she reads for me. With the pandemic outbreak in the world, I am so glad Sherry is so calm, understanding & gifted. She's all truth & heart!
Mar 31 2020
Member: runnergirl
Sherry is always consistent; I appreciate that she does not sugar coat a situation. She is consistent with POI; waiting on predictions.
Mar 30 2020
Member: anythingispossible
Always wonderful to speak to and goes above and beyond to give you extra insight to help calm anxieties of a situation. I feel she truly does care about her clients. She has a calming energy and tells you both the good and bad.
Mar 30 2020
Member: User_6769727
Sherry has been a blessing to me and has helped me in ways i cannot even explain!!! The information she has uncovered, her calming honest approach is incredible! She has this ability to just dig into the situation without even asking anything more than birthdays. The things she tells me sometimes, are things that ONLY i know, but apparently so does Sherry! Guidance, honesty, accurate, understanding, compassionate......wor th every penny and every minute!!
Mar 16 2020
Member: chickenred24
Excellent reader. Prediction is for April, will update if it comes to pass. Was accurate with overview of the situation without prompting.
Mar 15 2020
Member: James
This girl can read people! AMAZING!!! S he blew me away!!! Way to go, Sherry!
Mar 13 2020
Member: User_4740246
Having someone provide you with insight and clarity to any situation whose super fast to connect and never wastes your time is all you can hope for but Sherry not only provides an incredible amount of extra information but PREDICTIONS come to pass EVEN ones that you can not fathom to even exist . BLOWN away . Please leave reviews for this amazing lady , she deserves them and so much more . Thank you Sherry for the amazing person that you are , I'm truly blessed to be able to talk with you .
Mar 6 2020
Member: anythingispossible
Sherry is amazing. She's been there for me these past few weeks while I've been going through a hard emotional time. What she see's hasn't varied and continues to give me reassurance and put my mind/anxiety at ease.
Mar 3 2020
Member: User_4740246
Sherry Taylor , your name should be up in lights . You shine bright when the fog closes in and you can't see . You never waiver from what you see providing all the insight and clarity ; predictions come to pass just you wait and see , believe me .
Mar 1 2020
Member: chickenred24
She is very gifted, does not waste time or sugar coat. The real deal.
Feb 29 2020

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