Member: User_801471
This was the first time I spoke to Sherry. She was so easy to talk to. She made me feel so much better about a love situation. I feel so calm after talking to her. I was really upset but she gave me good advice. I can tell she is talented because she knew details about my situation. Thank you Sherry!
Sep 21 2020
Member: User_801471
This is the second time I have spoken to Sherry on the phone. She was so kind and easy to talk to. I can tell she knew details about my life. Her voice is calming and she is a very kind person who really wants to help people I can tell. Thank you Sherry. You gave me confidence I needed.
Sep 21 2020
Member: User_zq4uv8
Sherry!! I can’t say thank you enough, with the little information I gave you were so accurate!! I will keep you posted and updates about your predictions and if they come to pass, which after reading your reviews, I’m very positive they will!! Look forward to speaking with you again soon, thanks for the positive clarity!,
Sep 21 2020
Member: User_6033441
There is just something about when I get a reading/update from Sherry I feel completely calm, peaceful and I believe everything she tells me. She still is holding on to her prediction and so am I. Will soon see.
Sep 18 2020
Member: User_9415990
OUTSTANDING - Connects instantly with only DOB , super fast typer , doesn't waste your money and freakishly accurate . Sherry, you have stood by your predications when I have fought you every step of the way , you have the patience of a saint when it comes to dealing with hugely emotional situations and you do it with unconditional love and support . I wish that every person who has a reading with you would show their support and get on here and leave reviews . If you are reading this and a first time client with Sherry please do not take the amount of reviews as an indication of amazing talent as the numbers are not relevant instead I think most of us get off a call and are still stunned with the clarity she gives and forget to rate . This is not a reflection on this Beautiful Lady . Sherry words are forgotten but how you make some one feel will never be . Thank you for standing by me through this hugely emotional time , you have been my rock for many years now and you never cease to fail me .
Sep 18 2020
Member: Justine
Had my first reading with Sherrytaylor and she was spot on with my POI. I couldn't have been more pleased with my reading. I would definitely read with her again??
Sep 8 2020
Member: User_951285
Sherry is amazing! She is quick to connect and honest. So glad to have spoken to her!
Sep 5 2020
Member: User_9415990
You only need to look at the incredible lengthy reviews below to know that those whom she touches will take the time to leave such glowing reviews . That's because this incredible lady is simply a blessing in so many ways . Sherry , you have stuck by me and your predictions through some exceptional traumatic times and I can not begin to find the words that convey how grateful I am for your insight , empathy and compassion . I hope things start to improve because its way over due . If you are reading this review please do not hesitate to contact Sherry , you will be enlightened and supported on your journey . Sherry , thank you and much love to you .
Sep 1 2020
Member: User_1989
Such a sweetheart and picked up on the negative energies surrounding me. She offered to help relieve me of those negative energies so I can live a more positive life. Thank you
Aug 31 2020
Member: sunshine
I love how Sherry picks up energy so fast, and go to the point on what she sees. She never asks you extra amount of question/information. She is honest, direct, patient, compassionate, but no sugarcoating. Give her a call you will know how she is different from other advisors.
Aug 28 2020

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