Member: silverstar88
Came back to Sherry to consult an update on my situation and she was very informative and consistent with her past predictions. I always feel comforted with her words. Thank you!
Jul 18 2021
Member: silverstar88
I always come to Sherry whenever I need an update and she sticks to her guns... her predictions have all come true regardless of any new incidents showing up. She has such a sweet delivery but will give you the honest truth. Thank you!
Jul 16 2021
Member: silverstar88
Dear Sherry, I apologize for the call being cut short for lack of funds. I really appreciate all of your insights and support in these couple of weeks. You have been very accurate and encouraging with your predictions and I am so thankful for your words. Take care!
Jun 29 2021
Member: sh121314
Very quick to connect and the reading resonated very well.
Jun 17 2021
Member: silverstar88
This is my second reading with Sherry... she's a top reader for sure. She doesn't really ask for much, just name and DOB, and she'll always accurately read the energy around me and my person of interest. Last time we spoke, she made a prediction which is starting to occur, and she keeps telling me to be patient to see everything else unfold. Also, she is super comforting and warm, I love the way she delivers. Thank you!
Jun 7 2021
Member: Cintya
Sherry did not waste my time. She asked my birthdate and provide a concise and intuitive reading that highlighted the positive and the negative.
Jun 3 2021
Member: User_4958112
Sherry has been guiding me through a rough time in my life. She has given me hope things will get back to normal. Timeframes are tricky but I believe in her and the process of chakra cleansings. One day soon I hope to return with another success story on Sherrys page.
May 19 2021
Member: User_2222625
I've been talking to Sherry for years. She tells me things that break my heart, but, unfortunately, it's true to her prediction. She tells you what she sees, even if it's NOT what you are wanting to hear. It can be brutal. I know what I'm needing to do. She is kind in her delivery when she knows what she's seeing is hurting your heart.
May 7 2021
Member: User_5951168
First time speaking with Sherry and I will definitely be a return customer!
May 4 2021
Member: User_5479544
Wow, Sherry....Thank you for chatting with me. You calmed me down a lot and I know what I need to do to stay focused.
Apr 29 2021

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