Member: User_3741793
She is so good and can read so well. Definitely a real psychic who can provide information without you giving any details. She just knows which is why I keep coming back. She doesn’t sugar coat she just tells you what she sees good or bad which isn’t always fun to hear but is the way it should be - complete honesty because she is looking out for your best interest. She’s a sweetheart who’s like talking to a friend. Wish I could talk longer with her. I can’t recommend her enough. Don’t hesitate to give her a try!
Nov 10 2023
Member: Vivian641
I am totally in shock. Always been skeptical about psychics, and I have talking to several on the site that were very generic and disappointing, but Sherry’s reading was very different very straightforward direct not only answering all my questions and making predictions that of come true. I am now a firm believer. She is a genuine reader. Everything this woman has told me has happened !!!
Oct 9 2023
Member: Naomi975
Well, I really don’t know where to begin but to say that Sherry is very intuitive. Her reading was incredible. I’ve been going through a lot of issues in my love life and I don’t want to go into my personal life but I do need to share this, I’ve been talking to Sherry for quite a while now, and she’s always told me that this person was toxic and not good for me which I knew was true, but I kept ignoring it, and all her predictions of everything he would do had came true that he would never change. She has told me this time and time again if you want to hear the truth and then you need to contact Sherry I am grateful for everything she has told me and I’m just mind blown about the last reading we had she said that he would betray me and hurt me really bad, and he has Sherry‘s gave me the strength and comfort to finally walk away, knowing that the situation was not going to change, even though I did not want to listen to her from the beginning, but she is very accurate and a real genuine. person highly recommend Sherry, if you want a straight shooter and to hear the truth !
Oct 1 2023
Member: Hazel561
# 1 Psychic on Kasamba her reading was incredible. Intuitive. I am highly recommend her and she explained a lot of things and gave me so much clarity extremely accurate and straight to the point. Definitely got to give her a try ! REALLY PSYCHIC She is truly gifted :)
Oct 1 2023
Member: User_3741793
Sherry is an amazing psychic. She can read me and my poi and our situation like a book. She is able to know things she shouldn’t know. For instance she was telling me that I will have a big financial decision coming up and to be careful with my decision. That was actually true as I have been mulling over this decision for awhile but I never mentioned that and it wasn’t even what I originally called to talk about but she picked up on it. Also a few months ago she told me she saw a lot of traveling this summer and that actually happened again something I didn’t bring up or mention she just picked up on it out of the blue. That’s a true definition of a psychic. She looks out for you and tells you things you don’t want to hear but need to hear. She’s so gifted. Don’t hesitate to give her a try. She’s totally worth it!
Sep 27 2023
Member: Cynthia917
Sherry was wonderful She knew exactly everything that has been going on in my life. She left me with so much clarity. I will definitely be calling her again soon. Well worth the money, she will not waste your time. She’s very fast and straight to the point one of the best thank you for all your help, Sherry !
Sep 25 2023
Member: Angel444
This was an amazing experience. I would recommend to anyone she is one of the best readers on this site very detail Very accurate She does not waste time. She’s very honest and fast, She will also tell you the good and bad not just what you want to hurt definitely recommend you won’t be disappointed !!!
Sep 24 2023
Member: User_6769727
Thank you for everything Sherry!! I have been reading with Sherry for over 3 years now and the accuracy is astounding. She has been off on some things but bang on with most other things. I do read with a different advisor on a different site, and sherry repeats what he gets, sometimes word for word, which gives me validation on my situation!! Always satisfied regardless if its not “what i want to hear”, its honesty. Thank you for everything Sherry, i appreciate all you have done and continue to do.
Sep 3 2023
Member: Sunflower
sherry thank you for another amazing reading
Aug 26 2023
Member: Sunflower
amazing reading, she really picked up everything accurately.
Aug 20 2023

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