Member: User_u98qjm
Sheri picks up quickly and accurately. She is compassionate but will tell you the truth. She is one of my "go to" advisors, for sure! Try her and you won't be disappointed! She has read for me for at least a couple of years now.
Oct 16 2019
Member: Susan
Sherry is the very best on situation accuracy. She was able to very very quickly hit the nail on the head. Thank you so much, Sherry. You are a blessing.
Oct 2 2019
Member: Susan
Sherry is absolutely wonderful. Very insightful, predictions have come true. Very caring and trustworthy. Thank you!
Sep 25 2019
Member: User_u98qjm
Sherry is quick and accurate. One of my favorites!
Sep 25 2019
Member: User_435281
Sherry is amazing and very honest.
Sep 17 2019
Member: Lynette
Sherry is AMAZING! She connects so fast every single time. When she says she is connected to someone strongly, be ready to be blown away. She is honest with what she sees every time. All of her predictions happened over the last several years. She also carries so much light, love, positive energy and clarity. She is a gift from God. She told me things that I did not believe could possibly be true and ALL of them ended up being true. I don't know how she does it but she's the most gifted person I've met. Calling her is the best decision you can make when you're in need of guidance and answers in your life. She is a great investment!
Sep 12 2019
Member: Managal
Sherry has been helping me with a problem that has been going on a long time. She continues to help. She is awesome.
Sep 12 2019
Member: jackie
Sherry is a very good listener. I feel that she truly cares about her clients. Sherry saw some positive changes showing up in my life in the future, which helped strengthen my hope and helped me be more optimistic about my future. She also saw that some of my chakras needed more healing which I will be spending more time healing my chakras. Sometimes in life you just need someone to be there and hold the space for you, which Sherry was that person for me today. Thank you, Sherry.
Sep 10 2019
Member: User_7ftn3j
Although I have received a lot of great insight from a lot of great psychics on this site. I must say that Sherry Taylor is exceedingly exceptional she was able to connect with me immediately and provide me with not only precise insight into my relationship issue but provide it with such clarity and details. She also tapped into other issues that was going on with me. She is now my favorite advisor!!! If your are looking for lucid, clear insight on any issues you face you need to look no further she is the right one!!!!!
Sep 1 2019
Member: Kaitlyn
Sherry's readings are beautiful. She's incredibly intuitive and accurate. She's amazing at picking up other's energy. The quality of Sherry's readings are spot on. She's honest, clear, direct, caring and compassionate. Sherry's gift of guidance and the authenticity of her caring for whom she reads shows the remarkable beauty of her soul. Thank you!
Aug 28 2019

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