Member: User_6300341
Oh my geez I just realized I hadn't rated the wonderful reading I had with this gem of a person. he is calm, composed, fast & right out honest in your face a reader...def worth the try! and he does follow up to check on you....Thank you sir and im sooooo sorry I hadn't been able to rate our reading until today!! :(
Jul 12 2020
Member: Ame
Oh my lord!!!! He is the only reader u need... his acuracy is amazing... other readers said my partner would not come home for days.. he said he felt he was coming home now .. and... well without me knowing he WAS driving home as this reader said!!! Def my go to reader xxx thank thank thank you!!!
Jul 8 2020
Member: User_1869977
Wow I’m amazed and it’s so true
Jul 8 2020
Member: Sue
Always good to catch up with Dan.. really great insight and fast typing.. definitely worth waiting to talk to..
Jul 8 2020
Member: User_7679393
Jul 7 2020
Member: User_34ce5q
Incredible and so so honest! Thank you xxx
Jul 6 2020
Member: Sue
Sorry Dan, ran out of funds but thanks again for your insight.. x
Jul 2 2020
Member: buserb
fantastic as always - thank you so much for all the guidance over the years
Jul 1 2020
Member: Sue
Fantastic to speak with you Dan. You are always amazing with what you say and I'm really happy to have caught up with you. Take care. x
Jul 1 2020
Member: User_7733082
Jun 30 2020

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