Member: User_8526924
Waiting on prediction
Apr 14 2024
Member: User_619280
Thank you
Apr 14 2024
Member: User_ptm69e
Helped me feel better
Apr 13 2024
Member: User_8227343
In two hours the time line changes...I pay so much for this and I am shocked at the inconsistency
Apr 12 2024
Member: User_1005404
Accurate !
Apr 6 2024
Member: sl4l
Thank you so much!! Much appreciated!!
Apr 5 2024
Member: User_702818
Sorry I had to rush off due to funds. Thank you! I hope your prediction comes true.
Mar 28 2024
Member: User_kmpq9i
Mar 27 2024
Member: libby
Very good as usual thank u for updates will be back in a few weeks
Mar 26 2024
Member: User_2718264
Great Reading!
Mar 25 2024

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