Member: User_3783533
I loved his genuineness and accuracy
Jan 19 2022
Member: KRP1313
TY. Had to run but will update If things change . Hoping they do! TY!
Jan 11 2022
Member: User_6878611
Fantastic got all my questions answered and the timing it’s going to happen
Jan 6 2022
Member: flflflflflf
Jan 3 2022
Member: TRN
Dec 30 2021
Member: KRP1313
TY, Happy New Year, lets hope! Will update if things change!
Dec 29 2021
Member: User_9169955
Dec 29 2021
Member: Lea1869
finger x
Dec 26 2021
Member: Eden
Thank you
Dec 24 2021
Member: flflflflflf
Dec 22 2021

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