Member: Gaby
Many thanks Danita
Jun 16 2019
Member: User_1081861
Jun 15 2019
Member: User_1019763
Jun 10 2019
Member: User_8eavsa
She is very accurate and spot on.
Jun 10 2019
Member: melo_melo
Always outstanding and amazing!
Jun 10 2019
Member: User_8971628
Sometimes is not about money Sometimes is the connections The reader can feel what you need rather than what you want to hear.
Jun 8 2019
Member: User_4347697
Jun 5 2019
Member: User_2973677
Thank you for helping me heal. I have felt a great weight lifted since our session.
Jun 4 2019
Member: melo_melo
May 28 2019
Member: User_2469316
She is an amazing reader, very detailed, and very calming
May 26 2019

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