Member: Gaby
Many thanks Danita!
Jan 12 2020
Member: User_1989835
Very accurate and helpful
Jan 11 2020
Member: User_8497297
She is not connected well with my situation. She was predicted something but she is also not sure about her prediction. I understand predictions can not be 100% guaranteed so I asked what is probability, so she was not able to give any probability too, by keep saying no guarantee. Does not make any sense. You predict and say it may or may not be. Any one can make such predictions. Giving two starts as some how correct info on POI. Highly disappointed and also felt like she is just judging me over call, which is very frustrating. You are psychic and not here for judgement so better do you job. You can't judge me over few minutes of call. Totally disappointed. Need refund.
Jan 9 2020
Member: User_8497297
She is nice but sorry feels like she didn't completely connected in my situation. Her advice is also making me very confusing. Sometime saying POI will come back and sometime saying may be not, nothing guaranteed. I guess anybody can make this prediction which has two sides. Another wrong info given about what POI thinks about me and that is completely opposite of what POI thinks about me so I was shocked and tried to correct her but she is not even listening. I understand sometime it can be connection issue but at least try to listen. She gave me reason for break up and which was again wrong so I was trying to correct her again but she was not listening again. Come on, one who experienced why break up is done, you are not listing and trying to feed your own word. Accept it not a full connection. Need refund.
Jan 9 2020
Member: User_6yida3
So positive. so empowering. thank you.
Dec 31 2019
Member: User_6yida3
really, really kind and reassuring as well. thank you.
Dec 29 2019
Member: Shannon87
Wonderful reader very honest about what she sees
Dec 25 2019
Member: shashank
She is the best ....clear and accurate , and guides you out of all situations...
Dec 20 2019
Dec 5 2019
Member: woodgrl
so amazing!!!
Dec 3 2019

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