Member: User_5068374
To the point. Straightforward
Apr 4 2020
Member: User_312421
Thanks :)
Apr 2 2020
Member: User_312421
Amazing. Danita is compassionate, motivating and full of love. Thank you!
Apr 2 2020
Member: User_9960451
What a superstar
Mar 31 2020
Member: woodgrl
Mar 30 2020
Member: User_2380196
Mar 30 2020
Member: User_9960451
Best of them all
Mar 26 2020
Member: Nehasangha
Spot on!!
Mar 13 2020
Member: Baba
always good to chat with her :)
Mar 10 2020
Member: shashank
She and her guides are a blessing...not only do they guide you when you seek help, they will be there when you need help and you dont even know. Whenever there is a turning point or change where you might get stuck, you will see a message from her to reconnect, and there they will be to help you choose the right path showing you light... Forever indebted to them...
Mar 4 2020

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