Member: User_9276753
Great advice from Max. Very insightful
May 27 2018
Member: User_2sf5tb
good reading, fast response/typer....look ing forward to seeing what comes to fruition!!! :)
May 27 2018
Member: User_vwzaz8
time will tell.
May 27 2018
Member: User_4cy3v3
May 27 2018
Member: Nightfall
Thank you Max.
May 27 2018
Member: Adri11
he is the best !!!!
May 25 2018
Member: Rahul Tackiar
May 24 2018
Member: Sheeeeb
LOVE HIM! First reading and without saying anything he hit the situation on the head. He is accurate and very detailed on the situation. Will be returning and I do recommend.
May 24 2018
Member: User_1179430
He’s awesome:)
May 24 2018
Member: Lifestyle Coach
May 23 2018

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