Member: User_4819931
she was v nice
Dec 6 2023
Member: User_7541961
Thank you
Dec 6 2023
Member: Joel
Fast and tot he point, good read
Dec 5 2023
Member: User_2904398
Jennifer is a absolutely wonderful and out of a ton of different psychics that I talk to. She was one of them that had it right. I had asked about my POI a couple months ago and was very much in love with him and she said he wasn’t good and that I would see in the near future why and I definitely did well others fed me fairytales she gave me the truth, and I thank you so much for that! I highly recommend her to everyone!
Dec 5 2023
Member: User_8t3w5q
she was quick to reply and deep analysis
Dec 5 2023
Member: m1965malcolmuk
All okay thanks
Dec 5 2023
Member: Cristina
I have reached Jen for many years. She has helped guide me and shed light through the worst of times and confusing times. She’s helped me soooo much
Dec 4 2023
Member: Smiles
Good conversation
Dec 3 2023
Member: User_9616785
great reading
Dec 3 2023
Member: User_1132428
Always so good!
Dec 2 2023

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